Forget everything you know about video production  

Tested and approved by

and more than 500 brands and agencies around the world

By using our various methods of video production we can help you to produce, test, and segment more videos in a simple, fast, and cost-effective process.

Using technology to leverage human creativity, Instanteaser produces high quality, bespoke video advertising very quickly and very cost-effectively.

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Trained, trusted, and approved

creative partner for YouTube video ads

About us

Digital-first motion design

video production

up to 30 seconds

Intelligence + Customization  

Customized performance driven videos in motion design


Streamlined briefing process, reducing 

your team's time spend and effort


Multiple versions of videos built for specific objectives and audiences


Creatives represent

of the campaigns performance

According to 


of the marketers, video marketing

provides them with positive ROI

* Nielsen + Facebook research 

*Wyzol State of Video Marketing research 2020

Progressive discounts

Produce as many videos as your campaign requires


BTWN Meals

Videos for Campaign

YouTube Instagram + YouTube


Templated Videos

Production companies

Brand driven

Videos created following brand ID

High Quality

with customization


Specific best practices for each platform

Multiple versions

Multiplatform, A/B Tests, and more...


Micro-segmented videos

Client service

Streamlined proccess

Less effort and more productivity 


Pricing X Benefits

for each production

Why Instanteaser?




Over 500 brands and agencies around the world

improved their results up to 300% 

with our performance-oriented videos

Some of the world's largest brands use Instanteaser to reach their audiences, attract new clients, and sell their products or services. Using assets the brand already has, Instanteaser produces motion design videos with excellent performance across all digital platforms. Acquire affordable videos individually or through monthly subscriptions to boost your marketing strategies! The intuitive streamlined online briefing makes it easy to convey your objectives and creative concept to guarantee engaging and performance-oriented videos.

Juanjo López, CEO, Royal Comunicación, agency for Man Medical Institute

"The execution of the project has been amazing,

and in record time with extremely strong results. 

We’re more than thrilled with Instanteaser’s work and support"

*Worldwide Google case study


Accelarated by:

Scaled by:

Trained, trusted, and approved creative partner for YouTube video ads

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